About Us

Gilhaus Research is a market research firm that is dedicated to delivering in-depth and actionable market insights. Our services are excellent and will, therefore, give you the confidence and ability to make exceptional decisions for your brand. Our research can enable you to discover the strengths and opportunities of your business. In some cases, our research can enable you to analyse both new and previously overlooked threats and weaknesses.

Our service helps you to make the best decisions possible.

Our market research process involves surveying both your potential clients and those who prefer your competitors or a substitute good. Whenever we conduct our surveys, we try as much as possible to engage the respondents and we consider the quality of the response we receive. We conduct the research in a direct and systematic manner while considering your business goals. From our market research, you will be able to:

  • Have a better experience
  • Acquire reliable data
  • Benefit from our global reach
  • Achieve extensive quality
  • Benefit from agile solutions
  • Benefit from our reliability
  • Achieve advanced targeting
  • Benefit from reduced error rates in market research

Our Services

We generally offer quantitative surveys that we are sure will benefit your business in various ways. It does not matter if you are looking to better your existing products or develop new ones - we will offer help you identify the potential for your product. Additionally, we can also help you identify the expectations of the market, help you deepen your understanding of the market and help you find new points of sale. Take a look below on how we work.

Online Surveys

The online audience is ideal for those who need fast results as well as targeted statistical data from the samples of geographically dispersed populations. Online surveys guarantee reliable and accurate answers within the set timeline and budget.

Your safety

We work in a unique way to ensure quality results. Our intelligent system guarantees you that we can offer reliable and workable results from our surveys. When conducting our respondent profiling, we also ensure that we involve security measures to avoid data leakage. We employ anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure only correct data is used.

High Quality

Our respondent profiling will cover everything you need to know about the current and prospective clients you have. Our respondents will always provide high-quality data that enables us to contribute to the critical decision-making process of businesses. As a result, you will be able to improve your innovation process, evaluate the current practices and make decisions to expand in new markets among other processes.


Gilhaus research is dedicated to helping you maximise on the benefits you acquire from the effectiveness and efficiency of its expertise. We help all firm sizes and SME Managers and Entrepreneurs achieve better insights. The internal structure of your business or previous experiences should not discourage you; we can still offer you quality services.

For our Clients

Fast, reliable and cost efficient.

We design and run online quantitative surveys for various clients across the globe with the help of our mass of subdivided consumers. We work with both local and international Market Research companies looking to pave way for our clients. If you are an international Brand or Name or an SME/Entrepreneur, Gilhaus Research will offer the same dedication and high standards in both budget and methodology. We will conduct:

  • Proxy checks
  • Country checks
  • reCaptcha
  • Inconsistent answer checks
  • Client rejection analysis
  • Unlikely combination detection

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